Our Services

We offer a range of services, see below for more information on each. To view some of our work please visit our gallery.

Screen Printing

We are traditional screenprinters using mesh screens to print onto a variety of garments and materials.

The main ink we use is a  plastisol ink, which is printed and cured at a set temperature to ensure a long lasting print.

Screenprinting costs depend on

• The number of colours in the print (there is a setup cost for each colour, so multi colour is more expensive) A single colour print is the most cost effective.

• The number of prints on each garment . eg sleeve, front, back etc.

• The number of garments to be printed.

Digital Transfers

Digital transfers can be a good option if you have a lot of colours in your logo. They are also good on most materials. eg clothing, sports bags.

Inkjet transfers.

These are a great option for an original design or a special birthday or Xmas gift for children, and the person that already has absolutely everything. You can put a photo of your favourite pet on a t shirt, or a special picture of your family or grandkids.

Cotton t shirts or material are the best fabric to use. The beauty of this method is that multicolour is not a problem.

Sports Numbers & Names

Numbers are available in many sizes and colours. 

Stock numbering and names are very cost effective, and can make your garment individual to you, and is great for touch teams and sports groups.

We can also create any custom name or number if you prefer a different font, but this could cost more than the standard  text we use numbers and


There are many colours available including fluoro colours and gold and silver.

Ribbons & Sashes

We do a huge range of ribbons and sashes. We stock a big range of ribbon which we print for all sorts of events. These consist of:
Lapel Ribbons - These are an economical prize used by schools, swimming clubs, dance groups etc. The standard size is 5cm x 20cm. Other sizes are available on request.
Ribbons and Sashes- These are used by numerous clubs. eg Dog shows, Horse shows, A & P Shows etc. Sizes vary according to requirements. These can be single sashes, double sashes, (2 colours) or Triple sashes (3 colours) in any combination of colours required.
They can be printed in any colour including gold and silver and fringed at each end.
Banners - This is a printed ribbon and has dowelling and cord at the top and fringed at the bottom so can be hung on the wall. They are good for special awards.


Rosettes are handmade and come in 3 sizes.
single rosette comprises of 1 row of ribbon round outside.
double rosette is 2 rows of ribbon and can be different colours.
triple rosette is 3 rows of ribbon.
Tails are usually plain but can be printed at an extra cost.

The centre of the rosette will be printed with your club name and award.


We can get your designs embroidered onto caps, t shirts and most other fabrics.

There is a one off charge to digitize your design ready for embroidery, so if you want to reorder at any time there is no extra charge, you just pay for each logo.

Multi colour designs are not a problem and can be quite cost effective.


We print tees, hoodies, singlets polo shirts, tracksuits, in fact just about anything, from a single t shirt to hundreds. 

T shirts  and polos vary from cotton,  to poly cotton, to polyester so check out what is available in our catalogues.

We use well established suppliers and we know the quality of their  products. We will tell you what fabrics print well and if we don't like it we won't

promote it.

Promotional Products

We can supply a lot of different promotional products for your group. Including printed pens, compendiums, bags, etc.

Check these out in our catalogues.